Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ye Hain Meri Kahani..

A typical day in my MBA life starts at 8:30 AM & I make ardent attempts on my part to postpone the start till 8:40 AM,until my shilly-shallying conscious mind gets definite signals from the subconscious reminding it of the dire consequences. In the past 6 years of my UG+PG life I have mastered the ingenious art of getting ready in 10 minutes(remember the Parkinson's law) & still manage to have my first cup of tea in the mess as I rush for the first class. The first class can catapult or completely plummett ones interest to live the entire day.Though I do not exactly remember when did I attend a class to learn something new.I guess I attend classes to pacify my vicarious feelings.I attend classes so that I could see some 60 other mortals struggling to survive in this 'zaalim duniya'.I attend classes to sit peacefully on the last bench & observe the rest of the universe(which in this case is the classroom).I attend classes to judge the sartorial skills of the teacher.I attend classes to contribute to the chorus pleadings of the students to end the lecture 10 minutes in advance.I attend classes to read newspaper or a book or to gaze at some book-cover for some 20 odd minutes, only to realize that I still do not remember the author's name.I attend classes so that I could wait for it to get over,so that I could go out & drink tea at Reddys. Well Reddys is our favorite college hangout place.A kinda shack which caters to our obsessive compulsive disorder of drinking tea after every lecture .Tea at Reddys is a proven stress buster & sometimes if we get lucky we get Hot Bondas too. So after the hectic,extra-long classes I head towards my room & now I do something that invariably transforms my life for the rest of the day. I switch on my LAPTOP & become slave to this breakthrough invention in technology.I open my inbox and casually start going through the new mails.O well you know so many mails,so less time.But my hope starts dawdling when I reach the last mail.No new significant mails today also.What the heck!!Is the rest of the world hibernating ?? Now the next few hours are spent in doing what we all know as TIME PASS. I listen to all the great songs in the world. I surf all the useless websites in the world.I bug everyone I can afford to bug. I run on the treadmill & pity myself at the distant dream of becoming very thin,so I start consuming all that is palatable. I make future plans. I watch 'that'one movie for the nth time.And now since I have nothing else to do,I worry & worry about everything that the future beholds & also about the things that the future does not behold. And when I am about to be categorised as 'aida',I revist my list of achievments which I have religiously pasted on my Almirah.Accha awlright!!C'mon lemme give it one more try. Lemme live one more day. Afterall tomorrow is anothar day & who knows may be tomorrow my inbox would be full of important mails;-)

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