Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coffee n Cream

And while someone said ‘It Ain’t no Life without madness’, so be it lying awake till 4 in the morning & watching ‘A Beautiful Mind’ for the 100th time or doing a research on Hacking with Financial Services examination the other day or walking 6 kilometers to reach HajiAli in Mumbai or putting the song ‘Tune Jo Na Kaha’ from New York on repeat mode & playing continuously for 3 days or making CCD the actual second place & making it a duty to visit it almost every day-Its all sheer madness dwelling on the belief that humans by nature are quirky, whimsical & difficult to understand.
Café Coffee Day for me is the culmination of brand loyalty; a definite place to retrospect, unwind & relax. So when my 3 year old niece drinks Pepsi only from Pepsi Can or eats Maggi only when she sees the Maggi Outer-Packet, I restore my belief in branding that all the hullabaloo over product development and management is not entirely useless .So while my roomie could only drink Nescafe not because she liked it more than Bru but coz Nescafe had stood her test of time-examinations et al & had become more than ‘just a product’ & my dad who is a brand addict when it comes to hair oil so he would use only Cantheridine which is not just a product but a legacy carried over the generations-I realize how brands break free from the realm of mere products & become actual companions. For a friend in New York ParleG is not just biscuit but means to maintain the Indian way, so all desi products from India become ‘Ghar Ki Yaad’ in USA & a means to maintain the same consideration set even after moving to a foreign land.
Taking a leap from the non-living, the quirk of being mad after something finds refuge in the more alive Shahrukh Khan. I can still live, eat, drink and sleep over DDLJ, but moreover it is the affirmation that someone like him exists in the world that gives me the nirvana kick. But liking for someone does not end at it. Since I like Shahrukh, I have to hate Salman & since I go to CCD, Barista is forbidden land. You see it is all very complicated & you can blame it on the ‘Namak Ka Karz’.

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