Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tum Mile...

Life is random & ' ishq mein sab Bewajah hi hota hain'..
I have no clue what I am saying but if Sonia was around she would have crtically analyzed the statements,created a hypothesis & come to a valid conclusion which on earth would not make sense to anybody except me.
Ever since I met this chic she sends my body electrons jump from the ground state to the excited state & I become a limited edition of my very own self.So be it folding skirts to make them look shorter or sitting in the library for hours & doing a PHD on love quotes,we were game for everything.But the definite showstopper was the 'Mission Impossible' episodes where we almost decided to swap test papers.
My relationship with her has transformed so much over years that I can almost allocate stages to them:
The Desperate Philosophical Stage:-- This stage lasted from standard 9th-10th,where she would give me gyan about humans & their dark/grey sides & that we all are selfish beasts & whatever we give or whatever we do is only to satisfy our own selfish needs.Consequentially I became a 'personal diary' freak & wrote some three diaries describing & decoding life and other things.
The Mentor Stage:--This lasted from class 11th to 12th where we apparently became worried about future & how girls ought to have an indentity & a stance in this world.It is a different thing that before arriving at this stage we had to live the meta-stable stage where we became completely reckless,spoilt & out-of-control.
'Oh!! You are so cute':--This was when we moved out of school into college & while my life amused her,her life mystified me & we just end up believing that we are so cute in our own ways.Our phone calls where not just conversations but an account of Freedom,Happiness & Verve.
The Role Reversal Stage:--This was during the last few years of college where I became the mentor & she became the taught.And as I had become a 'Control Freak' by this time, she started believing that eventually I have managed to grow up.
The 'I have not grown up' satge:--Ths is the currently running stage & while she had believed that I have eventually carved out my niche & become independent and all the contemporary blah,I decided to prove the contrary & each time we talk,she just knows.
Few people in life make you pompous,arrogant,self-centered & quirky,Sons is one of those people because every time I talk to her,I realize how beautiful & good I am:-)
Thanks for spoiling me!!!

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