Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Brainy songs

Humans form a strange breed. Not for the fact that they can speak better than chimpanzees or they can invent laptops and even explore the moon. But basically for the fact that things that they do and things that happen to them cannot be always interpreted by the normal ways of science. One of these strange (actually hilarious) things keeps happening to me and I am rather bewildered.You know what.. MY MIND SINGS TO ME!

Sounds strange but yes it does! Infact sometimes the songs are so apt that I am myself surprised at the stupendous intelligence of my brain (hope it could be this intelligent during examinations too).This singing thing actually started about a year back. I was gazing at the visual display unit of my library computer with absolute attention,waiting for the result of some very important exanmination to pop out and just as it did. My heart missed a beat.In plain monotonous font the messege read 'NOT SELECTED' and my mind starts singing to me,'Sapne to bas sapne hote hai,sach hai wo kab apne hote hai.' Phew...How rude! Its actually because of the lack of adequate grey-matter in the brain that all this happened to me and its the brain in turn who is singing to me!Anyways I swallowed the bitter pill,afterall a tussle with the brain would lead to dire consequences;)

In the words of Robert Frost, 'Life goes on' and so after the VDU episode I was trying to bring my life back to track and I decided to work as hard as possible and improve my predicament.One fine day in the middle of my preparation,my brain sings to me,'Magar kya kare ki ye mumkun nahin hai..taare milte nahin aise..taare milte nahin aise.' Now things really got rough.This brain is getting on my nerves.What does it actually try to prove by playing all 'thakela' songs from flop Hindi movies? Songs which I never personally liked are being played to me as a matter of constant indignation. Well anyways I have to survive this tussle and prove that I can survive without its help.

Days passed by and I managed to do well in quite a few exams. The singing though did not cease but I took it as a matter of challenge and a source of constant motivation.However,now my brain had changed its object of disgust. Now it would sing songs that would be aimed at other harmless creatures. Sometimes even my close friends and aquaintances were targeted.And like a strict mentor, I would just try to ignore the singing and not take it too seriously.Afterall,its a stupid whim of my quirky brain who seems to be too much inspired by 'INDIAN IDOL' and is just longing to sing anytime anywhere.

So just the other day, I was reading newspaper and was despising the pathetic performance of team-India in the world cup. Afterall how could they play so badly!In a country where cricket is more than a religion,such a dismal performance is definitely not called for. My brain all of a sudden gets emotional and starts singing aloud,'Kho ke apne par hi to usne tha udna seekha,toote sapnon mein Allah ki marzi ka manzar paayega'

Exams..go away!

Gurrrrrrrrrrr#&*$!!!!............I feel the pangs in my stomach and butterflies inside my heart.....strange na? who cares?.....universities(my final exams) are approaching towards my life at an alarming speed............and my life has slowly started turning upside-down!!!!Not that its the first time I am going to appear for them,but ironically this will be my last endeavour to clear unis!!!.............And I do not know why...but I am tensed.....very tensed! If the question paper fails to hit my neuronal cells at the right place.............I will be duped for a lifetime and all my previous nine points would be mean 'merely nothing'!!! So hear I am in the sexy and sleek MAHE library...scouring for books starting with strange names.! 30 minutes,to be precise,was the time that I took to search for RANG & DALE......until the librarian came to my rescue and told me that RANG & DALE was a pharmacology book and not a book on clinical pharmacy as I had earlier percieved.. Things really seem to have changed ....even my roomie,a hard-core party beast,did not party this saturday! And I dont know about others but I am developing strange symptoms.I am practicing 'seclusion' and all of a sudden I have become the biggest cynic of the world. Gosh!! too much for this 'chemical locha'!!If people give me notes,they become my 'best' friends....If they do not,they are selfish,self-centered,useless bastards....Afterall examination is the scale on which sentiments like love and friendship is tested!

The more you cram,the more you spew and hence the more you score.So I should ensure that the reverse-peristalsis system of my body is in place to make all the cramming wothwhile.' The HEPA filter used in the sterilty unit should have 99.67% purity(mind you not 99.66%)and it should work at the speed of 110feet/min'.UPDPL(the company from where I did my industrial training)had no HEPA filters at all.Infact,the company had no filters.No Good manufacturing procedures were followed there.And the company supplied 100 percent of its drugs to all the city hospitals of Lucknow and near-by areas.So that means that most of the patients in Lucknow consumed drugs that were manufactured in a company that did not utilise a thing of what I was learning for my final exams.Gosh!!why is India still so backward.DIGRESSIONS...DIGRESSIONS!!! Fifty percent of my time goes into thinking strange things in life; like,'why did she say that?she is so mean' or 'what must Salman be thinking now?does he really love Katrina?'....Gaud...please give me a break!!!Why does no one discuss about 'Obsessive Compulsive Digressive Syndrome' in pharmacology?
My marks ,though,will not change the world and neither getting good-marks will change my life for better...But comparative deprivation is hurting me like a sore in the ass.!.TV room has become as haunted as the end-point road in the night....and inspirational songs have failed to inspire me anymore.So here I am, practicing anothar stress-buster i.e. 'Blogging' to bring some relief to my boring life.And as I write this article,I am reminded of a quote from my college magazine,"Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared,because the greatest fool can ask more than the wisest man can answer." Awfully sane!!