Sunday, March 18, 2007

One step towards India

I have often marveled at the idea of being busy. A hectic day with a tight schedule with very less time to day dream and with no time to succumb to the inevitable compulsion of checking the cell phone every other minute. It was with this notion of ‘Oh!!It’s so cool to be busy’ that I decided to go for computer classes. One of hour computing, I thought, could also rejuvenate my ‘flaccid-rendered’ nerve cells besides of course making me busy.

The comp place was a cool compact hall with numerous cabins and fat computers that seemed to be imported directly from the mid-1990s.I was allotted a computer right in the front and the instructor started the class.

'Good evening!’
‘Good evening sirrr’
'This month we will deal with MS-EXCEL in detail. Turn to page three
and type the data base on your screens’
‘Taktaktakkktakkktak taktak tt taktakkkkkkkktakkk’
‘Typed sirrrr’
‘And what about you? Have you not typed??”
‘Nohh sir!!’, said a burqha clad young woman and since then a
Series of ‘Nos’ have occurred with the same fervor and obstinacy.

When the rest of the class is busy in gulping a piece of what seems to be a cake-walk. The poor girl is engrossed in searching for a lost ‘I’ or sometimes a lost ‘T’ and sometimes trying to track the route to this previously found but now lost world (or word).But she handles things with an unparallel determination. Sometimes she would get under the skin of the instructor and blow his fuse but her immediate retort to the situation would be a silly simper, which though ambiguous, yet easily conveys the message that, ‘I come from the nearby village and when the other students of the class were busy in discovering different arenas of computer life, I was waiting in darkness for the electric-bulb to pop out light again’.

But,somewhere down the line, I can see a spark in her eyes. A desire to fly freely in the sky. A desire to get hold of the washed-away dreams. A desire to evolve. A desire to change the world in a small little way. She is one of those maverick migrants who have already started moving from the orthodox ‘Bharat’ to the poised ‘India’ and as long as this osmosis is taking place, India I know will keep growing.