Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le...

Who said phosphorescence was typically the intrinsic property of certain elements?
My brain in all its ingenuity is a respectable example of PHOSPHORESCENCE.
It all starts like this:
I wake up in the morning & think that its gonna be a great day(Well I have been doing exactly that for the past so many years of my life.The mantra being:'TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE')And while I brush my teeth,I enter into an arugument with the self.'How can I motivate myself saying that 'Each day is the first day of my life'''I mean I am just trying to find an excuse to do all the 'vellapanti' each day and then forget it saying that tomorrow is anyways gonna be anothar day''My mantra for life is not taking me anywhere.A suitable restructuring of all the mantras is required.'The brain being in the 'stable singlet state' is grinning at me with a sarcastic smile:Two more minutes of thinking & lady u will get on my nerves.Accha okay fine.But tell me where is my life going?What am I doing?What about my perfect job?And what about my perfect life?Forget all that.....but temme where is my Mr.Right?God I just want two things in life:First is a perfect job in the most amazing firm of the world.And second is the most lovely,supportive guy who would tell me each day how great & out-of-the-world I am.And everything else is a subset of these two things.Viz:when I get my perfect job,I will buy a persian cat & will call him 'Garry'.I will buy a sony LCD television and put it in my living room.I will get a lovely double-bed from HomeStop and fill it with cushions from Maspar.The mattress would be the most amazing one in the entire world & when its dark I will light the room with scented-candles.I will put my black & white pictures in the room & laminate them like its done in the movie 'A lot like Love'.But just a second,for putting the pics in my room like its done in the movie,I will essentially have to get a guy.I mean I cannot put self-clicked self-indulging pictures of mine all over the place.It does not go with the theme of the room(though I do not know what the theme is).So the guy in the pictures has to be u know, one of those 'dhinchak' kinds.Extremely intelligent,vivacious,successful,great looks & hopelessly in love with me.We would go for long drives every night & I would tell him how great he looks in that black shirt.He would cook me breakfast on weekends & I would try his favourite recipes from Tarla Dalal.We would watch movies every weekend & go on a holiday once every six monthsVow......Life would be so perfect!!hell...wecolme back to reality.The house & the guy are no where to be found.& the mind which was in the stable singlet state is already in the 'excited singlet state'.Man there is so much tension.(Actually sometimes I start contemplating what is more horrible:Dying of tension or Dying of Boredom?)& my friend calls.'Hey you know I am working for this wonderful company.''man its so awesome'' I am just loving it'What the beeeeeeeeeppppppppp.I hate the conept of comparative deprivation & always thought that I would never let that happen to me.I hate being jealous.I really really hate being jealous.But I dunno why the mind which was in singlet excited state is spinning so hard.Excuse me I think you did not not realize,but five seconds back I landed in the obnoxious 'excited triplet state'.Its horrible.Nothing much happens in the state but you just enter a phase of lassitude.And you lie listless on the bed...thinking...thinking...thinking nothing.& then suddenly a girl enters the room:'Hey have you done that assignment?''Which one?''Arrey that extra long one which had to be handwritten in some strange tense''oh no!!u mean the khadoos prof's assignment...man..how could I forget?'Have you??''No yaar...I am freaking out''How much time is left?''Three hours''Shucks....open the internet....fast'& while the next three hours are spent in doing assignment...some side of the brain peacefully relaxes & enters the 'metastable triplet state'You see the condition is improving.& some kind of chemical locha is actually working for good.'Thank god the assignment is done''Accha BTW did you see your picture in the newsletter??''No yaar...has it come?''yeah...its really nice...Profs are going gaga''No man nothing of that sort...usual thing'hmmm...so eventually the phosphorescence does take place & my face lits up.You see sometimes to become happy, you have to live 'the not so lovely things' too.Some say its natural,I say maybe.

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