Monday, December 10, 2007

Who I want to be?

There are three kind of people in this world.
First, who invent things that make the world go round .Second, who glean information about these products and make the world turn upside down and third who transfer (read carry) these details to America. Scouring for these three categories of people in our college, I came across the GATE, CAT and GRE aspirants. Though the desire to do well in these competitions arise from as early as first year, the dream gets converted into a hard-core obsession only when the other members of the group are seen fluttering the pages of their books which runs the gamut from “Word power made easy” to “Prepare for GATE” by Muhammad Ali .Though the strategies for cracking these competitions might differ but the ultimate goal remains one ‘an immaculated bright future’.
However, a twist in the story arises when a maverick dares to find out the reason for taking these examinations and that is when hells break loose because reasoning is already an anachronism in India and whoever does it is a dupe.
Why do I want to be a doctor when the only thing that fascinates me is color? Well, of course, I wanted to be a doc when I was in kindergarten but that was because it was easier to spell ‘doctor’ than to spell ‘engineer’ and then 99% students of my class wanted to become a doctor, except for the one guy who wanted to become the president of USA. The reason, however, is not of much reverence as taking the PMTs and IIT JEE is already a national hobby in India. Therefore, it does not matter if all your life you were in constant infatuation with the lizards and dreamt of being a herpetologist because the moment your neighbor’s wife, who is incidentally your mom’s greatest foe, gets to know this, your intelligence quotient automatically comes under scrutiny and you eventually decide to take these exams.
The story now moves one-step ahead. You are a soon-to-be graduate struggling to decide your future. So what you do? According to the trend, you have three options: CAT, GATE and GRE and then you ponder for a while and randomly select one of the three.oh!! It is CAT. Surprisingly, while preparing for CAT you establish a link between CAT and GRE preparation and you decide to take GRE as well. Now you swot really hard and you get into a decent MBA college but just as you were on your way to take admission in the MBA College, you meet your old pal who is heading towards the US embassy. He tells you one hundred and one advantages of living in the big apple and how Indians have a mysterious ability to fare better in the west than in India and so you decide to put down your jingoistic cap and head towards the west.
Funny indeed but true. Such is the plight of Indian students who keep chasing the dreams that do not really belong to them. Every morning millions of students go to schools in the constant hope that one day they will become what actually they were never meant to be and in this process fail to discover their flairs.A race of clones cannot transform the fate of a nation. It is high time that we get out of our shells and see life through our own eyes than with someone else’s glasses. It is only then that we can bring about a difference to others and to our very own selves.

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Syed said...

"A race of clones cannot transform the fate of a nation"------ Very well said